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Happy New Year Recipe Workshop

It has been a busy month at SweetRoots Kitchen!

Last week, we hosted a workshop at the Girl Scouts of San Diego Balboa Campus. We were thrilled to start the new year off with such a fun workshop, and we had a wonderful group attend.

In this workshop, participants made three unique snacks that qualified them for a Brownie Snack Badge!

We had a blast discussing different types of plant-based healthy snacks, our favorite fruits and vegetables, and our favorite recipes!

We made smoothie bowls, guacamole, and energy bites! While we were enjoying our snack, we talked about some of the wonderful health benefits of the ingredients we were using.

We all went home with smiles on our faces, full bellies, and fun recipes to share with friends and family.

To be the first to know about our next workshop, make sure to sign up to be on our e-mail list -- I hope to see you there!

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